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"The inspiration for this brand has been garnered from far corners of the planet. The Côte d'Azur, Sydney, Kenya, Los Angeles, Cornwall, Kent and of course London.

On Safari in The Maasai Mara it was magnetising to see magical bead designs by those beautiful native women, women who are denied such basic human rights. Part of this capsule collection has been hand-made made with love for those designs within that culture.

The way we dress is an armour encapsulating our personality, giving us the strength to be our own brand. I have always felt I have a natural flair for the aesthetic, styling, knowing my cut of the cloth, holding a desire for precision detailing in the finish. I am compulsive about the quality of this. My customers will notice the high quality. Equally the finish, the quality of the fabric and cut affect the sway and drape of a piece which is key to a garment and I learned even more about this modelling in Sydney.

A designer who continues to inspire me is Karl Lagerfeld - sharp, androgynous, versatile silhouettes.

I am perpetually drawing and designing, watching and researching, styling.

There was always a copy of Vogue on the coffee table at home growing up and Mum gave my sister and I the vision in the couture department."

Atelier Louise Austin LTD follows a ‘Made in Britain’ philosophy.

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