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Your neck-torque, included in the individual purchase with a TieGa, will have been carefully selected for you in pewter & tin or lacquered copper to match your particular fabrics. Each torque is from a range of beautiful hand fabricated pieces by our super crafters in Cornwall, England - who will often re-melt sourced metal from a shipwreck in local waters. Each piece©s history will have involved rebuilt metal locally. Those in pewter & tin can come with a lovely Celtic Knot swirly design on each end. These torques are one size fits all given the flexibility in the metal and you can open and close each one with ease to make it as tight as you wish. We find they are easy to clean with a little hot water and a soft cloth for the pewter & tin and some proprietary liquid polish for the copper, then water and dry it off.

With The Palma TieGa© we have chosen a cylindrical ornate brass torque which suits it and is available, giving an Eyptian-esque look.

Should you prefer a particular metal from the selection or to purchase two separate neck-torques for one of your TieGas, please email me at:

If you are buying a TieGa for yourself for example, we can give you a price to buy one further interchangeable fabric. Please contact me at:

Pewter and Tin Lacquered Copper
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Pewter and Tin Lacquered Copper

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