The Sound of Style

Narrated by Mia Holmes
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"An appointment can be made especially for you to show you the diverse options & look at personal preferences - simply ring me or send over an email - see the contact page. You have the option as well to purchase by phone or in the online store. Our growing list of stockists will also have a selected range available for you."

The Marilyn
The Capoté
The Mermaid
The Framlingham
The Palma
The La Napoule
The F-Scott

The TieGa is a luxurious and original iconic adornment and stand alone piece. It takes you from day to night, night to day even and is undoubtedly cross-seasonal/cruise - winter, autumn, spring, summer: lightweight, it can be simply folded up and popped in your purse to carry it from A to B, unrolling without creasing, to look as good as it should. Wearability wise, with limitless permutations a TieGa goes over a t-shirt for example, or a beach dress, under a casual blazer - jazzing up that look, or even tucked inside a corporate shirt like a cravat if in a bespoke silk, or over a simple summer dress. For the larger breasted lady or not so, we have found this works equally well. You will be surprised.

Personalise your look and choose your fabric, mix and match. Bedazzling or more conservative.

Order the style you prefer from the range, e.g. one of the Marilyn©s which ties around in a V shape on the breast bone showing a little cleavage, or one of the Palmas for example that rests up on the collar bone. The range of colours is diverse and we can colour chart you or you can tell us that you are looking for ones in certain colours. Mix and match on one of our beautiful flexibly sized neck-torques in pewter & tin and copper from Cornwall, or from the bespoke goldsmith collaboration we have in sterling silver and gold.

The TieGa can be made in varying lengths, but typically what works best is the one size you will see in the photo collages.

A TieGa's wearability sits across Beach-club wear, Swimwear, Casual day wear, Occasion wear, Lingerie or simply as sprucing up a plain outfit, with a tuxedo for example, or over a onesy, see the photos for examples yourself. Comme tu veux. Whatever you want it to be. You will not go un-noticed! The TieGa can suit a discerning male as well, not just the cutting edge style-icon lady.

You have the dress, you bought the bag, the shoes, and now your very own, individual TieGa, by Atelier Louise Austin.
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Christmas Deliveries
The F Scott T50055
The Capoté T50091
The Framlingham T50045
The  Marilyn T51004
The  La Napoule T50078
The Gatsby T50066
The Mermaid T50015
The Palma T50050
The Swisher C25004
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